What Is My Home Worth?


    We guarantee a free and easy professional valuation opinion that’s more accurate than Zillow.

    • We love Zillow but their “Zestimates” use algorithms which are essentially big mathematical equations created in Seattle. At this point, it is impossible for Zillow to know the intricacies of our local homes down to the neighborhood level and is really just a jumping off point for homeowners with a nominal interest.
    •  A professional can use experience and knowledge gained from working with active buyers to determine what a home could be worth with the aid of professional research methods. That will surely get you closer.
    • By providing some additional detailed information in the form to the right, The Lenard Team can provide an additional layer of accuracy to the valuation.
    • Finally, by arranging a 15-20 minute in-home consultation, we will be able to really apply our experience and hyper-local knowledge of the market to get to within 98% accuracy.

    Not interested in selling? 
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