Smithtown Values

    You Have Received A Smithtown Values Email


    Are You Wondering How We Arrived At The Suggested Value?

    It is based on:

    • Our knowledge of the market place
    • The information we have been provided
    • Public Records
    • Homes that are on the market or have sold in the last 6 months
    • A professionals best opinion based on the information at hand

    It is not based on:

    • First hand knowledge of the home
    • Value provided by an appraisal
    • A mathematical algorithm


    The Steps We Take To Reach A Valuation That is 98% More Accurate Than Zillow

    • Zillow uses “Zestimates” which is essentially a big mathematical algorithm created in by a company in Seattle. At this point, it is impossible for Zillow to know the intricacies of our local homes down to the neighborhood level and is really just a jumping off point for homeowners with a nominal interest.  We Don’t have anything against what Zillow is trying to bring to the consumer.  We just think that we do a better job.
    • By using our experience and knowledge gained from working with both buyers & sellers, we were able to obtain a relatively good idea of what your Smithtown home value would likely be in the current market.
    • If you provided some additional detailed information in the form, The Lenard Team was able to add an additional layer of accuracy to the valuation.
    • Finally, by arranging a 15-20 minute in-home consultation, we will be able to really apply our experience and hyper-local knowledge of the market to get achieve our highest level of accuracy.


    Take a Moment To Fill Out The Form For An In-Home Evaluation & Explanation Of Our Findings.