Are Lockboxes Good for the Sale of Your Home?

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    If you’re a seller, the obvious goal is to get your home sold — but just about everyone wants to do so as conveniently as possible. We understand the stress that accompanies having strangers come through your home, so today we want to talk about something we’ve found works very well.

    4.1 emailWe like using electronic lockboxes to make our sellers feel more comfortable. In order to open it, an agent needs to have a one-of-a-kind card that has a chip in it for extra security. The chip is recorded, so we always know exactly who goes in and out of your home. As an extra security measure, these cards must be renewed every two years, so if a card is lost or if an agent doesn’t renew their card, they will be unable to get into your home.

    Electronic lockboxes are nice because showings go best when the homeowners aren’t there. Potential buyers will feel more comfortable envisioning themselves living in your home. If you’re there, it will make the buyer feel rushed and uneasy. Also, potential buyers are less likely to ask important questions about your home when you are there. Overall, it’s best to be out of the house — and in order to make being away from the house as safe as possible while strangers are there, an electronic lockbox is probably your best option!

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